Raine’s Story

Hi, I’m Raine.

I was born and raised right here in Sioux Falls, as the oldest of 3 children. My dad has always been an extremely talented musician, traveling the country playing music, while my mother stayed home raising us kids and working as a successful Realtor here in Sioux Falls. I’ve been very blessed to have my sister, Sara, and brother, Jordan, who are both very hard-working, passionate, and wonderful people.

After graduating from Lincoln High School in 1990, I found myself immersed in music and it quickly became my passion. Always looking up to my father, I hoped one day I would be as good as he was (I’m still working on that!).

Finally, after many years of playing with several bands, I joined my dad’s band, Hot Rod Chevy Kevy, in 1998. We eventually became known as PowerPlay and played all over the country for almost 15 years. Jordan, my brother, also spent several years in the group. I look back now and think about how lucky I was to be able to have those experiences with Dad and Jordan.

In the summer of 2004, while performing at The Sunbird Lounge, I met a woman that would forever change my life. Kerry was unlike any person that I had ever met. She was caring, compassionate, and full of life, with a smile as big and bright as the sun. From the moment we met, I knew that she was something special.

In 2007, we welcomed our son, Jason, into the world. In an instant, the way I looked at the world and myself began to change. In Spring of 2009, just weeks before our wedding, we found out that we were pregnant with our daughter, Jasmine! As Kerry was studying to become a Nurse Practitioner, I began to re-evaluate my career.

One Sunday, in the summer of 2012, we visited a local church called Celebrate. The sermon that day was about the movie, Cinderella Man. It was an amazing story of a boxer who is forced with the decision to give up his love of boxing for the betterment of his family. I felt that this was God’s way of telling me it was time for a change in my life. I loved music, but I loved my family more. I wanted to be the stable dad, the grounded dad, the dad who gave his children roots and a home that would be a foundation for the rest of their lives. After that church service, I went home with a renewed energy and purpose for my family and my career, only a few weeks later, I had my Real Estate License and began my career at Keller Williams Realty. Now, I am privileged to be able to lead praise and worship as often as I can for our church family, Celebrate, as well as help others find the best house for their families, through my Real Estate career.

Real Estate in Sioux Falls is more than a career to me;

it’s a calling.

I still get the rush of exhilaration I used to get from being on stage, but now it’s from closing the deal for my client, getting their perfect price or finally finding the perfect home.

As a husband and father, I understand the process buyers and sellers are going through because I’ve been there. Buying or selling a home doesn’t have to be painful, it doesn’t have to break your wallet, and it doesn’t have to exhaust you.

As a man of faith, I believe that every single person deserves to have what they long for. I have followed that belief into life as a dedicated full time realtor.

Real Estate in Sioux Falls is more than a career to me; it’s a calling.

I treat you the way I’d want to be treated, from the moment of our first conversation to the day we clink our champagne glasses on a closed deal.

With two children of my own and well established in this community, I live everyday looking forward to making life better for my family and for yours.

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